Snowflake Sept 2023 Releases

Soumak Das
3 min readSep 18, 2023

SQL Updates Introduction of New Function:

IS_DATABASE_ROLE_IN_SESSION In this latest release, we introduce a new function:


Description This function is designed to verify whether a database role is within the user’s active primary or secondary role hierarchy for the ongoing session. It can also check if the specified column contains a database role that is part of the user’s active primary or secondary role hierarchy for the current session. For more details, refer to the section on sharing data protected by a role-based policy — Preview.

Data Loading / Unloading Updates Enhancements in Replicating Streams on Snowflake Tables via Snowpipe Streaming In this release, we are delighted to announce that Snowflake now supports replicating streams on tables populated by Snowpipe Streaming. For additional information, please consult the section on Replication and Snowpipe Streaming.

Updates in Snowpipe Streaming Authentication With the release of Snowpipe Streaming SDK version 2.0.3, we are excited to inform you that Snowpipe Streaming now offers OAuth authentication support. Moreover, the role property for Snowpipe Streaming is now optional. When configuring Snowpipe Streaming, you have the flexibility to set the authorization_type to OAuth and create an OAuth integration with the custom client. For detailed instructions, please refer to Configure Snowflake OAuth for Custom Clients and Configuring Snowpipe Streaming.

New Options for INFER_SCHEMA In this release, we are pleased to introduce two new options for the INFER_SCHEMA table function:

  1. MAX_FILE_COUNT: This option allows you to specify the maximum number of files to be scanned from the stage.
  2. MAX_RECORDS_PER_FILE: This option enables you to specify the maximum number of records to be scanned per file.

For comprehensive information, see the INFER_SCHEMA documentation.

Data Governance Updates Row Access Policies: Reference a Protected Mapping Table in a Row Access Policy — Preview With this release, Snowflake is excited to announce that policy administrators can now reference a mapping table protected by a row access policy within the policy conditions of a different row access policy. This enhancement provides greater assurance to compliance officers when a user queries a table protected by a row access policy. For detailed…



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